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March 2015, Volume 33 No. 1

BioCellar Rain Garden
Inspired by Native Plant Society of Northeast Ohio Field Trips
Jean Loria and Pebbles Bush

Among the references cited by the authors for their article: BioCellar Rain Garden: Inspired by Native Plant Society of Northeast Ohio Field Trips, three are past On the Fringe articles. To provide you with ease of access for further reading, below are links to the publications containing the articles referenced.

June 2013, Volume 31 No. 2

Flora of Northeastern Ohio’s Beaches, Dunes, Swales and other Palustrine Habitats, page 12,
Tom Sampliner

September 2007, Volume 25 No. 3

Northeast Lakeshore Ohio State Nature Preserves, page 13

December 2003, Volume 21 No. 4

D-Day on the Beaches of Ashtabula, page 3,
Jean Roche