Virtual Archives -- 1990 - 1999

Each On the Fringe publication contains well written and informative articles on plants, ecology, plant science, nature, and so much more. As you read through the pages of earlier publications, the evolving history of the Native Plant Society of NEO comes alive as do the contributions over the years of many dedicated men and women who possessed ageless curiosity and shared care and concern for native plants and good stewardship of our natural world. Their individual actions and collective efforts made a difference.
Thank you and enjoy!

Original publications of On the Fringe are archived at The Cleveland Musuem of Natural History. These historical documents are currently under the care of the museum's librarian Wendy Wasman and are available for viewing in the museum's Harold T. Clark Library.

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The Ohio Flora Project, J. Arthur Herrick Foreword, Tom S. Cooperrider
Some Medicinal Plants of Ohio, James C. Cavender
Lynx Prairie, Jeff Knoop
Garlic Mustard -- Alert
Here is One Skunk's Path You'll Want to Cross!! (or)
Earliest Blooming Wildflower Stinks, Gina Jelinas
Ohio Wetlands: The Peatlands, Part II -- Fens nicely illustrated!!,
Barbara K. Andreas
American Holly, Jean Andrews
Pokeweed, Jean Andrews
The Climate Is Right, Gerald T. Donnelly
Witch Hazel, Jean Andrews
Dysart Woods: An Outstanding Example of a Mature Forest Community,
Dr. Irwin A. Ungar
Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana), Sheldon H. Cohen
Versatile Viburnums, Erik A. Neumann
U.S. Forest Service Sign: how some litter lasts in the environment
A Mermaid by Mistake, John Theiret
Natural Dyes from Plants, Stephen L. Williams and Jane Rosenthal
Make Fibers Bloom with Natural Dyes, Katy Kram McKinney
Running Buffalo Clover: An Endangered Species, Ralph E. Brooks
Allelopathy Strikes Again
Squawroot: It Toils Not, George F. Buddell and John W. Thieret
One More Reason for Bagworm Control, Michael Ecker
Benjamin Franklin's Lost Tree, Keith S. Thomson
Michigan's Meat-Eating Plants, David F. Wisse
Creating Heirloom Trees
Surprising Find
Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis), Jeff Lough
Wild Chicory (Cichorium intybus), Sheldon H. Cohen
A Look at Lopseed, John W. Thieret
Wetlands In the 1990 Farm Bill
Ohio Endangered Plant List: 1990 Version, Patricia Jones
Sugar Maples, Gordon Mitchell
Something About 'Native' to Note, Dr. Ed Clebsch
Is the Dogwood Next?, J. Arthur Herrick
Preserving and Cherishing the Earth
Guyandotte Beauty, Synandra, Robert Lloyd and Phillip Cantino
Clammy Ground Cherry, Physalis heterophylla, Sheldon Cohen
Eastern White Pine, Jean Andrews and Robert Lloyd
Book Reviews
Identification of Plants with Fleshy Fruits, Eugene C. Ogden and
Richard S. Mitchell
Paul Solyn: Medicinal and Other Uses of North American Plants:
A Historical Survey with Special Reference to the Eastern Indian
, Charlotte Erichsen-Brown
Bright Stems of Winter, Claire Sawyers
Long Live the Lichens, Dr. Howard Crum
Sumac Jello, Edelene Wood
The Tree Kinds of Eastern Sumac, Edelene Wood
How to Prepare the Berries, Edelene Wood
Wild Bleeding Heart, Jan Midgley
The Last Tme I Saw Squirrel Tail, Teri Dunn
Book Review
Paul Solyn: Adventures of a 'Wild' Plants Woman: In Pursuit of Native
Plant Preservation
, Norma Phillips
Aster Divaricatus -- White Wood Aster, Jan Midgley
Good News: Bad News:, David White
The Aesthetics of Open Space, Coleston Burrell
Meadow Wildlife, Nancy Sferra
Purple Trillium, Jean Andrews and Robert Lloyd
What is a Native Plant?, Larry Morse
Book Reviews by Paul Solyn
Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers, Harry R. Phillips
The Root Book, Norma Phillips
A Favorite Place: The Sylan Trail at North Chagrin Reservation,
Tom Sampliner
New Native Plant Society Native PLant Garden, Karen Colini
The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas, Bruce G. Peterjohn and Daniel L. Rice
Wildflowers in the Public Eye, Dorothy V. Carney
The Flora of North America Project
The Hardy Fern Foundation Breaks Ground, Sue Olsen
Eastern Native Plant Alliance: Call to Action
Invasive Alien Plants Threaten Our Natural Plant Communities,

Faith Thompson Campbell
The Early History of Poison Ivy, Dr. Genevieve Miller
Wildflowers in the Public Eye -- II, Dorothy V. Carney
Swine Creek Bottoms, Duane F. Farris
Up to My Knees, but in What?, Perry Peskin
Exotic Pests of American Forests, Matthew Fogelson and
Faith T. Campbell
Botanizing at Cheesequake or How I Spent My Summer Non-Vacation,
Jim Burns
Northern Carnivorous Plants Little Shops of Horror, Tom Sampliner
Wildflowers in the Public Eye III, Dorothy V. Carney
A Winter Walk Through a Bog, Tom Sampliner
Orchid Paradise: Ontario's Bruce Penninsula, Tom Sampliner
Wilderness State Park or just south of The Biggest of the "Big Macs",
Tom Sampliner
Grass Bay, Michigan: A Nature Conservancy Property, Tom Sampliner
Ohio's Rare Plants: A Native Plant Society Project, Drew Rolik
Lew Campbell Prairie, Tom Sampliner
Epipactus Helleborine: Weed and Yet an Orchid, Tom Sampliner
Northern Michigan & Upper Penninsula (One Year Later on Two Trips
One Week Apart),
Tom Sampliner
Thompson Ledges, Tom Sampliner
A Mother's Day Weekend to Remember Or a Weekend Mostly in the Car,
Tom Sampliner
Book Review
The Biophilla Hypothesis, Stephen R. Kellert and Edward O. Wilson
A Walk By Rootbeer Colored Water, Tom Sampliner
Caution: Pollinators at Work, Tom Sampliner
Orchid Nomenclature or "Yer Still Yella", Tom Sampliner
Poland Woods, Tom Sampliner
Chamberlain Woods, Tom Sampliner
The Strange Case of Epipactus, Tom Sampliner
National Native Plant Coalition, Brian Gilbert
Ohio's Pest Plants, Brian D. Gilbert
A Wildflower Propagation Workshop, Tom Sampliner
TulipTree, Liriodendron tulipifera, Robert Leverett
Native Plants on the Internet, Brian D. Gilbert
A Tale or Two About Tepularia and a Favorite Site, Tom Sampliner
Bottle Gentians -- Part I of II, Dr. James Pringle
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
A Guide to Wildflowers in Winter, Carol Levine and Illustrations
by Dick Rauk
Bottle Gentians Part II of II, Dr. James S. Pringle
Messin' With Mints -- Part I of II, Tom Sampliner
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
Orchids of Indiana, Michael A. Homoya
Messin' With Mints -- Part II of II, Tom Sampliner
The Fisherman & The Gator, Tom Sampliner
A Walk Up Little Mountain (most came down again), Tom Sampliner
Gardening Those Waste Areas -- Part I of II, Tom Sampliner
Gardening Those Waste Areas -- Part II of II, Tom Sampliner
Grand Sable Falls & Dunes -- A Favorite Place, Tom Sampliner
On the Ethics of Observing, Tom Sampliner
New Publications From The Center for Plant Conservation,
Stephen G. Biever
An Abbreviated Natural History of Kent and Triangle Lake Bog
State Nature Preserve,
Tom Sampliner
Native Gardens for the Prairie States, Sally and Andy Wasowski
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
Wild Ohio, Art Weber
Book Review by Brian D. Gilbert
Seed Germination Theory and Practice, Norman C. Deno
Nate's Wet Day at South Chagrin Reservation, Tom Sampliner
True Stories About Ants -- So Don't Holler Uncle, Tom Sampliner
Conneaut Creek -- The Day With as Much Water
Outside as Inside the Creek,
Tom Sampliner
Beware of Deer, Tom Sampliner
Platanthera leucophaea, The Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid
Pickeral Creek State Wildlife Area, Tom Sampliner
Pickeral Creek, Tom Sampliner
Paddling at Punderson or Up a Creek
but With a Paddle,
Tom Sampliner
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
Leaves, the formation, characteristics and uses of hundreds of
leaves found in all parts of the world,
Ghillean Tolmis Prance
Trifling With Triphora and Silly Other Ciliaris, Tom Sampliner
Blossoms On the Brink, Judy Bradt-Barnhart
Migratory Game Bird Hunting in the State of Ohio, Tom Sampliner
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
The Sex Life of Flowers, Bastiaan Meeuse and Sean Morris
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
A Guide to the Orchids of Bruce and Grey Counties, Ontario,
Bruce-Grey Plant Committee of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists
Book Reviews by Brian D. Gilbert
Trilliums, Fred & Roberta Case
American Treasures: Trilliums in Woodland & Garden, Don Jacobs
Photographers Beware, Tom Sampliner
Native Orchid Propagation: You're In a Heap
of Trouble Boy,
Tom Sampliner
Looking for Wildflowers on the Internet, Diane Lucas
Cleveland's Degrading Plants, Brian D. Gilbert
Wearin O the Green -- the first flower
after St. Patties,
Tom Sampliner
P.S. to Wearin O the Green, Tom Sampliner
Ohio's Relict Prairies in The Darby Plains, Tom Sampliner
White Pine Bog Forest, Tom Sampliner
Bill's Last Walk, Tom Sampliner
About Our Neighbors: The South, Jean Roche
The Urgency of Forest Conservation -- A Summary of
a Presentation by Jim Bissell,
Brian Gilbert
Story Before the Story, Tom Sampliner
Stranger In a Pond, Tom Sampliner
Research Shows Water Lilies Are Water Purifiers, American Friends
of the Hebrew University
5 Vigorous Vines for Containers, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Lilies, Tom Sampliner
Keying Out a Red Mitsubishi or the Trials, Travils, Tears
of an Orchid Hunter
, Tom Sampliner
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
The Private Life of Plants, Sir David Attenborough
Those Ladies of Kentucky: Slipper Types That Is, Tom Sampliner
Sandusky Bay Wetlands, Erie County, Jean Roche
Book Review by Tom Sampliner
Starting From Seed, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The Compositae: Impressive Variation On a Common Theme,
Dr. George J. Wilder
Swamp Forest Remnants at Mentor Marsh, Tom Sampliner
A Short Flower Stalk In the Deep Dark Forest: Only the Shadow Knows,
Tom Sampliner