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To promote the study, appreciation, and conservation of Ohio's native plants and plant communities.

For an interesting and educational evening, please join us on
Saturday 1 November 2014 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm for our Annual Meeting.

 For information and a reservation form.

The deadline for submitting applications for our 2014 Annual Grant Program was 5 September 2014. The process of reviewing the applications that met the deadline is underway. We appreciate and wish to thank those who submitted their projects for this year's consideration.

 Please visit the Annual Grant Program page for details.



As a chapter of The Ohio Native Plant Society, our goals are to:

  • promote conservation of native plants and native plant communities through habitat protection and other means;
  • foster public knowledge and appreciation of native plants;
  • support proper methods of natural landscaping;
  • raise awareness of the ethical issues regarding native plants;
  • encourage surveys and research into native plant species and publication of findings; and
  • promote cooperation with other programs and organizations concerned with the conservation of natural resources.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our website and learning about native plants.  I wish to extend a welcoming invitation to you to please join us on one of our native plant walks.

Thank you for your interest and time,

Kathy Hanratty, President