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To promote the study, appreciation, and conservation of Ohio's native plants and plant communities.

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"... conservation improves water quality, promotes native plant growth, and encourages wildlife in the water and on land."

Gary Popotnik, The Wilderness Center

Concentrating on Conservation
  The Independent, 7 March 2015, by Christina McCune

  ✿ Community Watershed Conservation Partnership
  The Wilderness Center program & contact information
  Bringing Awareness:
  ✿ Endangered-species program needs boost, Robert McCance
      The Dispatch, 5 June 2015, letter to the editor

  ✿ NOW ACCEPTING 2015 Applications2015 NPSNEO Annual Grant Guidelines
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  ✿ Government to spend $3.2 million to help monarch butterfly
  ✿ monarch migration News: August 2015
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  ☑ Field Notes: Public Parks Deserve Our Support

  ONAPA VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES help protect Ohio's Natural Legacy

In our On the Fringe
March issue:
BioCellar Rain Garden:
Inspired by Native Plant Society of Northeast Ohio Field Trips

by Jean Loria and Pebbles Bush
Please join us!
NPS: Prairie Prowl, Frohring Meadows, Bainbridge Township on August 26th
After several years getting established, the Frohring Meadows Prairie is ablaze with color. Disover the diversity of prairie species with botanist Judy Barnhart. Joint program with Geauga Park District.
Program begins at 6:00 PM.  No Registration is Required.
We look forward to seeing you!!

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Congratulations! to Mr. Fred Losi, recipient of our 2014 Gentian Award.
learn more about Fred Losi

     Fred's upcoming hike(s):
October 18, 2015 Woodlands of Bedford: Sagamore Creek in Fall