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23.ix.2017 Field Notes: North Kingsville Sand Barrens               narrative by Amy Goletz

23.ix.2017 Field Notes: North Kingsville Sand Barrens               narrative by Amy Goletz

Monarch Butterfly Migration Map/
monarch migration News: November 2017 
 Overwintering Begins
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July 22:
Invasive Species Workshop
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September 23:
Monarch Tagging
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Plant Search: help locate co-occurring populations

squarestem monkey flower plant, Mimulus ringens, in bloom
squarestem monkey flower
great blue lobelia plant, Lobelia siphilitica, in bloom
great blue lobelia
Dr. Randall Mitchell is looking for field sites with co-occurring populations of squarestem monkey flower, Mimulus ringens and great blue lobelia, Lobelia siphilitica. Both of these plants occur throughout the Midwest in or near wetlands, including floodplains and bottomland forests, swamps, seeps, soggy meadows, ditches, woodland borders, moist pasture areas ....

These plants are pollinated by native bumble bees. He is trying to see if:
  • the plants compete with one another for bee visitation; and
  • whether they affect each other's reproduction.
Ideal sites would have many (>100) individuals of each plant species interspersed, but he is interested in any site that has both of them. If you know of a place where they co-occur,
Dr. Mitchell would love to hear about it!

Call Dr. Randall Mitchell at 330.972.5122, Department of Biology, University of Akron, Akron OH 44325-3908 or email Dr. Mitchell,
Thank you for your interest and help!!

Mid-Week Wildflower Walks
Wednesday Evenings
starting at 6:30 pm

My eyes saw blue-eyed Mary, Collinsia verna, for the first time as I was walking along a woodland trail at The Wilderness Center. This annual wildflower is such a delight! Thank you Tom for sharing your photograph.   :-) Lisa

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Field Notes:  Midweek Wildflower Walk 24.v.2017 at Hiram Field Stationphoto of nature with Thomas Berry quote

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Field Notes:  Our heritage is soil bound

The 2015 Gentian Award honoree was our founding president Ann Malmquist

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"... conservation improves water quality, promotes native plant growth, and encourages wildlife in the water and on land."

Gary Popotnik, The Wilderness Center

Concentrating on Conservation
  The Independent, 7 March 2015, by Christina McCune

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